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Our ‘experts only’ talent pool makes us stand out from the crowd

We bring experience at every level

Each member of the team is highly experienced and specialist at what they do.
We are purely focussed on delivering great results for you, not being trained on your project or climbing a corporate ladder.

We maximise the ‘boom or bust’ moments

We have the experience to spot and manage the key moments on every project that influence the end result.

We are truly bespoke

We can field exactly the right team with the right experience for your challenge, including the Topic Specialists & Cultural Attachés who are part of our boom talent pool around the globe.

We live in the real world

We keep our imagination sparked and our intuition tuned into what’s happening in peoples’ lives.  We bring that energy and real world focus to every project.

We’ve chosen to work this way because it gives you access to the best and most experienced innovation experts in the market. And we believe that access to top talent is what makes the biggest difference to a project outcome.

Why do boom or bust moments matter so much?

These moments can be fleeting, subtle and easily missed or large and glaringly obvious. They come in lots of forms and often when you expect them least.

Being able to spot these moments and react to them in the right way makes all the difference.

Our ‘experts only’ talent policy ensures your boom team will have the experience it needs across the board to have a positive impact on the end result.

What makes us tick?

Think Human

boom’s all about human beings understanding and communicating with one another. This drives what we do, where we look for clues and inspiration and how we talk to people.

Get Up Close

Experiencing things first hand allows us to have a richer read on the real situation and to tap into our intuition.
We set up first hand experiences for ourselves and our clients get insights in a form that are as powerful as possible.

Keep it Simple

Because less really is more…


We form teams rather than run solo and work with you rather than for you. That way we can tap in to the magic that happens when brains combine to create original sparks.

Stay Smiling

boom’s a ‘glass half full’ kind of company. We’ll bring our optimism and positive spirit to the party as this helps us spot opportunities – and anyway, life’s too short to be miserable.

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